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About us

How it all started and so on

The first mention about our studio was in 2009, when we (team of three) have created youtube channel with an old name of the studio"Domestic studio ATB".

Then we focuse mainly on Lego animations. We created different game videos, for example some cuts from xbox games and more. Over time we began to dig through the little popularity and our animation videos began to gain more views and fans, mainly abroad. This fact motivated us to do more stuff. We also tried to get youtube partnership, but after certain time we had problems with it. We had to stop using our old channel. This led us to make changes. We changed the name and the logo of studio

Studio consists of 3 youtube channels: ANIMAForce  logo 2014.png

1.ANIMAForce, this channel deals with lego stopmotions and flash computer animations. It has grown up really quickly and when we created the Minecraft Mob stories series this channel has become one of the 100 best channels in the Czech republic.

2. Force Studios ATB is a Czech channel, which we use to record our challenges videos and gaming letsplays, from games like Minecraft and more.. Sometimes we spend our time directing short Minecraft films.

3. Films channel, which is focused on making an action and entertaining videos, short films. By using various computer effects.

2012-2013 Logos:

A very important issue has also become our help in creating graphics for more famous youtubers.

Equipment and facilities:


While creating videos and graphics are also very important equipments and possibilities to work comfortable. That is why we depent which way we spend and invest our earned money. The basis is purchasing softwares. The first one was Sony Vegas Movie Studio HD, really cheap and very usefull cutting software.

Adobe Master collection CS6.png

But who wants a real top must spend a little more money. That is why we bought a student version of Adobe Master Collection CS6, programs to work with videos and graphics. We mainly use Adobe Flash Pro to make computer animations, Adobe After Effects used to create film effects and of course Adobe Photoshop for all graphics making.

To draw we use graphic tablet Wacom Bamboo Pen 3.


To take pictures while animating we use Logitech Quickcam Pro 9000


As microphone we use Samson C03U + Pop-filter.

Samson C03u.jpg

To record game videos - AVerMedia Live Gamer Portable. AVerMedia Live Gamer Portable.jpg

Since 2014 we use Canon EOS 600D for shooting our short films and it also became a substitute for the webcam Logitech QuickCam Pro 9000.

Canon EOS 600D.png


The way we are heading

Minecraft animations - The Mob Stories

This sadly tuned series of animations tells stories about Mobs from the Minecraft world, about their life journeys, family problems and reasons why do they behave bad and aggressively towards another players. These stories have become our most popular series of videos on youtube.

Lego Stop-Motion

The technique of animation by shooting single frames belongs between the most difficult ones. But it contains a beauty in freedom and creativity. Among our hobbies has belonged a process of doing Lego animation already for a long time, with a touch of some popular games or movies. Every video helps us to improve the technique and fluency in single movies.


Short action and funny videos! We use random computer effects and stuff and use our ideas to make our fan made game films and stories!

Czech Let's Plays

If you speak at least a little of our mother language (Czech) you should like our Minecraft lets plays. We do it for fun.

Our videos

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Force Studios ATB

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Meet our team

We are one big family

Martin Bartošek - (Bart11/Zealot11)

Editor, Producer

Skype: bart1158

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