Minecraft animations - The Mob Stories

This sadly tuned series of animations tells stories about Mobs from the Minecraft world, about their life journeys, family problems and reasons why do they behave bad and aggressively towards another players. These stories have become our most popular series of videos on youtube.


Lego Stop-Motion

The technique of animation by shooting single frames belongs between the most difficult ones. But it contains a beauty in freedom and creativity. Among our hobbies has belonged a process of doing Lego animation already for a long time, with a touch of some popular games or movies. Every video helps us to improve the technique and fluency in single movies.


Short films

Short action and funny videos! We use random computer effects and stuff and use our ideas to make our fan made game films and stories!


Czech Let's Plays

If you speak at least a little of our mother language (Czech) you should like our Minecraft lets plays. We do it for fun.